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Fantage Hack Download Free Apk

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We get a lot of comments on this site and emails from readers who ask us for a working fantage hack tool. Well your wishes have come true. We have found a safe & virus free hack tool to help you get unlimited ecoins and stars for free!

Also the fantage hack tool also has the ability to generate premium account codes for your account!

How it works:

The software is currently only available for windows and apple based computers. As of right now there is not a linux version available. To install the program you need to click on the download button or link and install it to your computer.

Once it’s installed you need to login to both your fantage account (through a browser window like internet explorer, firefox, or chrome) and then open up the fantage hack application.

Then it’s really straight forward. You can enter how many ecoins or stars you want for your account and click the start button. You can also check the activate premium membership box to activate a one month premium membership for your account. You can do this as many times as you want so if you want a premium membership for fantage every month you just need to log back in and do it once a month. Best of all you only need to download the software once.

Tips: We recommend that you don’t add more than 1000 coins or 1000 stars per hour. Doing too much at onee can look suspicious. That said you are free to add as many as you want but this is what we recommend.

Features Coming Soon:

Next up on the list of cheats being added to the software are as follows:

A Rare Item Generator – If you’ve missed out on any exclusive or rare items this feature is going to be a god-send. You’ll be able to add any item (even retired ones) to your account as long as you have the item’s number code. Once this is added to the software we’ll compile a list of all the items and their corresponding item codes. This will be available on our website and also for download.

Individual Game Cheats – There will be game specific cheats added to the fantage hack app over the next few months. That’s all there is for details right now so stay tuned.

Fantage Hack Download Free Game


Is the Fantage Hack Tool Safe?
We ran the software through a virus scanner and it’s 100% clean and safe to use on your computer. You can run a virus scan yourself online if you would like at

Can My Account Be Banned
We have not had any of our accounts banned for using the hack tool. That said it is always possible. Using any hack tool is at your own risk. This is why we recommend being safe about it and only doing 1000 ecoins or 1000 stars at a time. Obviously if you add 999,999 ecoins to your account at once that’s going to look very fishy.

Is it download or no download?

As of now the only version of the fantage hack tool is a download software. However we are hoping to find an online, no download version of the software soon.

Let us know what you all think of the fantage cheats tool and leave us a comment on this post telling us how it worked for you!

Fantage Hack Download Free Windows

Also if you have any issues let us know so we can help you through!

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Fantage Hack Download Free

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