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Posted : admin On 11/8/2021
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Webmail Hack 2.8 free download. software 786

Stable version - 1.4.11

PackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
Dependent1Download4.2 MB524a6c8095508b8d911c0c5121ea6d16ca4c42894e10aaa0e29ded983687923c
CompleteDownload6.7 MBac7319070c305fc2c88c7723605562d8607030732beee931cdb4091cf05e69b7
FrameworkDownload2 MB877ad2d65f7f24b43d5000f30f5b5ba59bf753623e2a6f2a9d3431f147f02815

Old stable - 1.3.16

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PackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
Dependent1Download3.1 MBb43fda0a58a6fb6f950c062fdcadb63040c3b672d3515a26ed4878c68684a015
CompleteDownload5.3 MB7d6e2853f3db2a35b1cb36412177299f4323400e73c3ec704077520dcba1bcb8
FrameworkDownload1.2 MBb56432712b482c635c6b326d636f56f5555afc41c0c73422a26fe65c825b1f65

LTS versions

Long Term Support with low maintenance mode. This means only security updates and rare fixes of serious issues will go into these release branches.

PackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
1.2.13Download3.8 MB04d25f7ea238c58733f0e88086cb3362873236a4e5c30ec94a5fea9a5e14ae4d

Beta version - 1.5-beta

We recommend to test beta versions on a separate environment, and don't forget to backup your data before installing.

PackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
Dependent1Download4.2 MBd42f19510d4c1996ff1e6d9c50e018c8af7faa464c329d9e2faf7a363b12cbd4
CompleteDownload7.2 MB9b0cf262c8bd6ae954335281b091d642b923ad5a1b20de51c43ec22226ab0774
FrameworkDownload2.0 MBaa1914bd6fd1c9292e0b971efbd9094435e59dbf20aca52241c3869ef530fce7

1. Dependent packages only contain sources which are licensed under the GPL but they require some third-party packages to be installed along with Roundcube. All requirements are listed in the INSTALL instructions within the package file.

Other sources and downloads

  • All recent versions are listed on our Github releases page - complete with release notes and signatures.
  • To get the bleeding edge development version check out the files directly from our Github repository.
  • Archives of older releases can be found on sourceforge.net.
  • The Roundcube Docker image is available on Docker Hub.
  • More information on Docker and a quick start guide is available in the Docker documentation.
  • Roundcube can also be installed through auto installers like softaculous.com or cPanel.
  • The BitNami Roundcube Stack provides a one-click installer for various platforms and cloud services.
  • Via the Cloudron app store. Each Cloudron is a fully equipped mail server and has sieve integration.
  • Various Unix/Linux distributions provide Roundcube via their package managers. Check your local package repository.

PGP signatures for package verification

Release tarballs listed above are signed with PGP to allow you to verify the authencity. We sign them with the identity Roundcube Developers <[email protected]> alias 41C4F7D5 and the public key can be downloaded from the pgp.mit.edu keyserver or from our website. The signatures can be found with the according release item on the GitHub releases page.

After downloading the pubkey and the signature file, verify packages with

gpg --verify roundcubemail-<version>.tar.gz{.asc,}

Installation and upgrading

  • Instructions on how to download and install Roundcube for the first time can be found in our Wiki.
  • Continue reading how to configure Roundcube and your webserver.
  • See our upgrading guide for information about updating an existing Roudncube installation.


The basic installation of Roundcube is not the end of the world. There are plenty of 3rd party plugins available that extend the functionality or add new features. Check out our Plugins Repository and find what you're missing and read the instructions how to install plugins and keep them up-to-date.

Complete Email Server Packages with Roundcube

Webmail Hack 2.8 free download. software Windows 7

The Kolab Groupware Solution provides a complete email and groupware server pre-packaged for various linux distributions with Roundcube sitting on top as its web client. It offers easy configurable LDAP address books, calendars, tasks, mobile synchronization and more. An enterprise version with professional support is available from Kolab Systems.

iRedMail is another fully open source email server solution that lets you install a full-featured email server in a few minutes. It installs and configures the popular open source email components like Postfix, Dovecot, Amavisd and - of course Roundcube - on major Linux and BSD distrubutions.

Mail-in-a-Box turns a fresh cloud computer into a fully equipped, working mail server. The setup provides Roundcube webmail and an IMAP/SMTP server for use with mobile devices and desktop mail software. It also includes contacts and calendar synchronization.


Free Webmail Software

mailcow is an open source mail server suite for groupware/email purposes that can be installed in a fresh Debian/Ubuntu instance. It is powered by various open source mail server components (Dovecot, Postfix, ...) that can be administered in its modern web UI. It also comes with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support as an alternative to Roundcube webmail.